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Why I'm quitting as a DJ

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As I announced the second of Juli I'm going to quit dj'ing at the end of this month. I promised to give you a reason why, and a 140 characters isn't enough characters, so that's why I'm using Twitlonger.

Even before the filth infected the Blue Mountain mines my clan and I were busy with lending money to people, the Wabanaki tribe casino being one of those examples, I've been a doing a lot of face work for my clan, getting the clients, signing the contracts and so on.
This job has gotten more and more hectic for, a lot of traveling and not a lot of free time to spend with my family, I had to make a sacrifice somewhere and dj'ing was it.
I'd like to see my little girl grow to be a proper dwarven lass and I need to invest time into that.

I've had a lot of fun running shows, sharing music, seeing people get together at my shows and later on marry. You've all been wonderful people, from the rest of the staff at Radio Free Gaia to everybody who tunes in during the show.
But as I said, it's time for me to step out of the limelight and spend more time with those that I hold dearly, maybe give somebody else a shot at sharing their love of music with people.

This doesn't mean I will disappear completely, I'll still be there as your friendly neighborhood moneylender, most likely bankrolling some of the things you guys do.

Anyway, enough of a ramble from my side, I'll still be on for the rest of July, ending my career at Radio Free Gaia on July 30th 2016, I'll be starting at an hour earlier and end an hour later, so that means I'll be playing from 2pm until 4pm est just to give you all a little bit extra as a thank you for tuning in.

Thorvald "DJ Dwarf" Stonesong

OOC: the reason why I'm quitting is this, I still love the setting of The Secret World, but the gameplay and all that I getting really dull for me, I'm not really involved in rp anymore and even if I was it wouldn't be enough for me to keep on playing.
This has impacted my dj'ing, it felt more and more like a chore instead of something I wanted to do, and for the last year/year and a half I've been mulling around with the idea of quitting, and well I made my decision.
I've enjoyed the game and the people I've met, but it's just time to move on for me. I'd like to thank everybody at Radio Free Gaia for taking me on as a DJ, it's been really fun we had some good times and bad times but we always did our thing.
And to everybody who tuned in, thank you from the bottom of my heart, having you tune in and tell me that you really enjoyed the music helped through some rough periods of self-doubt and mild depression.
So once again thank you to everybody, RFG, the listeners and the people at Funcom (because without them there would be no game).

I just have two more things, first some advice. Back here in the Netherlands we have a saying 'niet geschoten is altijd mis' which translates to 'if you don't shoot you always miss' the meaning behind this is simple, if you don't do something you always fail at it.
I took a shot at the dj spot when it opened up and was surprised that I got it. So try things out because you never know what'll happen.

Now for the second thing, just one song that feels right for me. Because after I leave the show must go on
Posted Jul 7, 16 · OP
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((I'm sorry to hear this, DJ Dwarf. I've always enjoyed your shows - I think I've only attended one as Mags, but various alts have been there. I even ran ads in the old days, when we did such things... I remember at least one of your alts, too.

I understand how you feel. I still enjoy the game, and what little RP I find, but sometimes the sense of loss is a bit overwhelming, when I remember how full the Horned God was, or your underground shows. I'm glad you stayed as long as you did, and I hope we still see you around from time to time.))
Posted Jul 8, 16