So what's going on?


No, really, work and classes have conspired together to screw me over when it comes to trying to prepare playlists. Some of the DJs are amazing and can put together a list in a very short time because of their knowledge and expertise. I am not one of those. A playlist takes a huge amount of time for me, which I'm happy to do...except when I'm getting sick or combined stress of things makes it really hard for me to concentrate.

So, no show August 21st, but starting on 4th of September I should be solidly back. Though there'll unfortunately be a gap on the 18th of September because that is my real birthday and my family has implied their general unhappiness with me be being unable to go to dinner because I'm online.

For those of you who show up to the shows and are being patient with me, I honestly love you guys and you're the reason I have fun doing this!