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Tournament at the London fight club

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Heya :)

So, we have already talked about this, but I figure the forums here would make a good spot to make all the relevant information about the little upcoming brawl in the fight club available to everyone interested.

The following information is, to be as clear and concise as possible, out of character. Should this post be linked to in an in character capacity, then feel free to have your character see a flyer with all the relevant information that makes sense to directly carry over in character.

Event Location: London Fight Club, Arcadia
Event Time: 22.09. 01:30 CEST / 19:30 EDT

How to participate?
Simply show up at the event and let me know you want to participate. Brackets will be made on the spot with

What is there to win?
First Place: 5.000.000 PAX; Second Place: 3.000.000 PAX; Third Place: 2.000.000 PAX

What are the rules?
1. Gear
Only green gear is allowed. The maximum QL of that gear must not exceed QL10. This applies to potions, stimulants, kickbacks and signets as well.

2. Fights
After the brackets are decided, two opponents at a time will be called into the pit to conduct their match. Before the fighting commences the gear of both participants is checked to make sure everything is in line with the gear restrictions. Stacks of buffs from prior fights will be requested to be cancelled.

As soon as everything is checked, the opponents will be given a signal that fighting can commence. After that signal is given, both opponents have to /bow to each other to indicate readiness. As soon as both parties have bowed to each other the final signal to start the fight will be given.

The first participant to win two matches will advance to the next round. The other participant is eliminated out of the tournament.

If both opponents are unable to kill each other within 5 minutes into the fight, a build change is requested. The fight will be interrupted and restarted for this. If the opponents do not manage to kill each other in 5 minutes after the build change, both are eliminated.

If one participant kills their opponent but dies within 5 seconds of doing so the match is considered a draw.

If an outside party interrupts with a fight in progress, said party will be removed from the pit with force and the fight in progress will be restarted.

Losing connection during a fight counts as a loss.

3. The Referee
The referee has the final word on all decisions concerning the rules. If a participant is caught breaking any one rule they are warned ONCE. Should they continue to disobey the rules they will be disqualified.

If there is any clarification needed - feel free to ask here or in game.

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This will be happening at my templar themed showed on September 22 at the London Fight Club. This should start about a half after the show starts, which would be at 7:30 p.m. (EDT).
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Nonsense with Notes - Unravel the music.

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