I have two shows that I do. Ecclectasy is on Tuesdays at 8pm EST to 10 pm EST and is down at the Crusades. This is a show that features classic rock.

I know 8pm EST is late for you Euro bees so I have another show, Gen X, which is a show inspired by a generation that refuses to grow up. Gen X is on Thursdays at 3pm EST at the Horned God.

At both shows, even though they are themed, that doesn't mean I stick to that. If people want to hear a song they love, I will try to play it if I have it or track it it down if I don't. I also love dedications.

Ecclectasy: Tuesdays - 8pm EST to 10 pm EST at the Crusades
Gen X: Thursdays - 3pm EST to 5pm EST at the Horned God

Be sure to catch me on Twitter @DJPsywarrior