Well, I want to let you know a little bit about myself. I like talking about myself, and I guess writing about myself is good, too.

I'm Beth, better known as Psywarrior. A common question I get asked goes something like, "Hey Beth, why are you called Psywarrior?"

Super easy answer. It was my code name in Afghanistan. I worked for the government and we can leave it at that. This was all before I was a bee. My dad HATED that I served in Afghanistan, AND THAT is exactly why I joined., Muhahaha! Oh wow, I hate authority.

You see, my dad was this old-timey pastor back in California. His church was really conservative and as a PK (pastor's kid) I had to be all "goody-goody". Blech!

The only cool thing about him growing up was he was a total fanatic demonologist. Did exorcisms and all that. If we were allowed to celebrate Halloween we really wouldn't have needed to decorate the house. Just flat out creepy.

When I was done with my tour, I went back to Cali. Then I found out my dad and mom (she hated his "hobby") had died while I was over seas. I never got notified and I am not sure why. Their cause of death was "accidental". Not sure how you accidentally immolate yourself. Super-weird was the fire was only in the family-room where they found my parents.

When I was clearing out my dad's things I found his most recent notes. It was about the keys of Soloman. Growing up, I knew enough to know that binding demons is a huge ass no-no. He tried it. It killed them. Doing my own research, I found out the most likely culprit was a demon named Allocen, one of the 72 demons bound by King Soloman when he was building the temple.

To say I am pissed off beyond belief at my dad for him killing my mom is an amazing understatement. It was a stupid mistake and I hate him for it.

I joined the Templars because they are straight up against evil. I can dig that. I HATE the pomp of those droogs, but at least I get to bop on evil. I'll play nice with the authority figures. Who knows, maybe Allocen and I will meet. It will not be pleasant.